Jeff Goldblum fact checks the internet on Jeff Goldblum, for VICEpedia. Goldblum stars in Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, opening wide April 6.

'On The Line' with Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme Spring 2018 Collection


Breadface Loves Carbs More Than You Do: Fine Dining (ASMR)

No one loves carbs quite as much as Breadface, the Instagram sensation who's cultivated a devoted six-figure following addicted to watching her smash her face— at times aggressively, and at others gracefully— into various baked goods. In “Fine Dining,” an ASMR inspired experience, we discover @breadfaceblog’s oddly satisfying brand of mindless entertainment as she takes down a Balthazar bun, handles a challah, and savors the snap-crackle-pop of a crispy croissant—this time, dripping in jewels by Sidney Garber.

Subscribe to VICE News here: Here are some things you should know about T-Pain: his house full of unopened drum machines, he loves expensive cognac, and he's a prolific Twitch streamer. He's also been creating on drum machines for over 20 years, spends almost nothing on alcohol (the club doesn't always charge him), and he can log 16 hours playing Overwatch.

NUTS + BOLTS with Tyler, the Creator (Series Trailer)

Fashion Film for MONROWE MAGAZINE - What are models like? -

 Director of Photography: Jon Jenkins Post Production: Jon Jenkins Colorist: Edwin Omar Rodriguez 

Save The Date: How To Conquer Your First Date Fears

Take a tour of Christie’s New York during the frenetic days and hours leading up to an auction, where you'll find a few dragons, an art handler who loves raves and an auctioneer with a predilection for Humpty Dumpty.

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