For Red Lobster #NEWMENUFEELS Campaign

'On The Line' with Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme Spring 2018 Collection


Breadface Loves Carbs More Than You Do: Fine Dining (ASMR)

No one loves carbs quite as much as Breadface, the Instagram sensation who's cultivated a devoted six-figure following addicted to watching her smash her face— at times aggressively, and at others gracefully— into various baked goods. In “Fine Dining,” an ASMR inspired experience, we discover @breadfaceblog’s oddly satisfying brand of mindless entertainment as she takes down a Balthazar bun, handles a challah, and savors the snap-crackle-pop of a crispy croissant—this time, dripping in jewels by Sidney Garber.

NUTS + BOLTS with Tyler, the Creator (Series Trailer)

Fashion Film for MONROWE MAGAZINE - What are models like? -

 Director of Photography: Jon Jenkins Post Production: Jon Jenkins Colorist: Edwin Omar Rodriguez 

Save The Date: How To Conquer Your First Date Fears

Take a tour of Christie’s New York during the frenetic days and hours leading up to an auction, where you'll find a few dragons, an art handler who loves raves and an auctioneer with a predilection for Humpty Dumpty.

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